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Kamarn Preempts bus bullying with solution behaviorPositive Label Program (PLP) has been proven effective in inclusive populations of 5- to 15-year old children in school and bus settings. These programs have been evaluated and found successful with children of both genders from various ethnic groups, including Hispanic, Asian American, and African American, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Violence Bullying Issue


The founding elements of the school violence continuum, name calling bullying have increased. Johnson Institute research shows that violence stopped at name-calling stage is unlikely to escalate. US Secret Service and DOE report stated “Many attackers (over 70%) felt bullied, persecuted in injured by others prior to attach.” Involvement in violent, intolerant, antisocial behaviors follows a developmental pattern. Early age onset is a particularly potent risk factor for later serious and chronic problem behaviors. Therefore, early interventions that disrupt or delay the development of serious aggressive and antisocial behavior may be a particularly valuable long term approach.

Program Type Is Universal Universal

Settings: School and Bus

Community Need Is Enormous

Kamaron Institute conducted needs assessments 2001-2008 in this geographic target yielded the following key findings:

  1. Nearly 65% of elementary students describe name-calling as a problem at their school
  2. 85% of middle school students would describe name calling and negative statements as a problem at their school
  3. 90% bus drivers and school staff say it causes distractions and issues at school on bus
  4. 40% students report experiencing shunning or other exclusionary intolerant, bullying behaviors.
  5. 42 % students ages 11- 16 report cyber bullying issues.

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