Bullying Lesson Plans

bullying preemption activity and bus lesson plans kamaron bullying lesson plans and activities for bus drivers

Bullying Lesson Plans & Bullying Preemption Activities

Welcome to Kamaron Institute’s Amazing Idea Media Center for bus. Feel free to download and use a DRIVER-tested Amazing Activity ideas to support your KC3 Positive Label Program.
You will see that these dedicated and creative TRANSPORTATION PROFESSIONALS applied the Good Finder principles to all Character Education and life skill areas: Language, Math, Science, The Arts, Life Skills, Bullying Lesson Plans and Bullying Preemption Activities for bus drivers.

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You can’t teach what you don’t know.
You can’t take others where you don’t go.
Model the way.

Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans & Activity Projects


Bullying Lesson Plans and Bullying Preemption Activities For School Bus Drivers