Bus Bully Graph

graph bus bullying 12 million bullied daily. kamaron institute bullying prevention solution cuts bullying by 50 percent.

12 Million Children Experience Bus Bullying Daily


An estimated 12 million students, ride on a bus where bullying behaviors happen daily.


There are 50 million children in public and private schools.

School buses transport half of this number or 25 million children each school day.


41% - Elementary Students report bullying happened on bus that day*


52% - Middle School Students surveyed report bullying happened on bus that day*


Bullying prevention or even better proven bullying preemption solutions like the Kamaron KC3 Positive Label Program are critical for bus safety.




75% decrease in bullying behaviors (name-calling, taunting, teasing) in bus distractions


50% decrease in bullying behavior issues (repeat problems requiring office referral)


* Sample size 10,000 students. Margin for error plus or minus 5 percent.