Cyber Bullying Preemption

Bullying Preemption & Prevention Programs

Bullying Behaviors Is The Problem. Bullying Preemption is the Solution.


Bullying Behavior Increasing: Educators agree that having children arrive at school in a positive frame of mind and ready to learn is critically important. It’s not happening. Kamaron Institute researchers found that half of America’s school children step off a bus where negativity and name-calling is a daily occurrence.

Since 2003, Kamaron Institute has surveyed 30,000 public school students, staff and bus drivers.

Students: Over 90% of middle school and 80-percent of elementary report that the name-calling bullying behavior causes problems for them. 41% has seen name-calling on the day of the survey.

These are the seed’s of tomorrow’s violence. Bullying prevention is required for academic survival.

Bullying preemption allows children and staff to thrive.

 Kamaron programs for schools and buses to promote bus and school safety

Arrow shows bullying escalation path when a bullying preemption environment isn’t created

Kamaron reports bullying stopped at name calling can prevent escalation

"Therefore, early interventions that disrupt or delay the development of serious aggressive and antisocial behavior may be a particularly valuable long-term intervention approach.” - SAMSHA

Kamaron KC3 focuses on bullying preemption replacing name calling with character

Kamaron programs for schools and buses to promote bus and school safety

Bullying Happens daily prevention and preemption are required

Q. Identify where name calling, negative statements or bullying happens most?

Bullying happens most in nonstructured environments bus, school, playground

A. Students, drivers and staff agree that bullying, name-calling and other unkind behaviors OFTEN happen on the bus.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to drivers' job satisfaction to have kindness and cooperation INCREASE and name-calling, bullying and other unkind behaviors DECREASE.


Source: Kamaron® Student and Adult Surveys