Corporate Communications

Strategic Planning Company Communications

Communicating messages that are memorable and resonate with key constituencies enable our clients to build and shape opinions while protecting their reputation from the real risk of negative perceptions. Be able to drive profitability and forge relationships by taking control of how your company, candidacy, or social cause is positioned in the marketplace.

Your custom communications plan can include efficient and effective interactive mediums such as customer and employee satisfaction surveys, web casting, social networking, online advertising, and brand building with function or vertical message specific sites.

A unique communication function site for a communications strategy project can minimize the noise around your most timely and critical message (e.g.: Litigation, News, Community Service outreach, Product Launch, Specific Target Customer Groups, and Political Campaign Constituencies.)

Strategic Communication Services Plans Can Include

  • Research (employees, customers, demographic groups, partners)
  • Tracking and Analysis
  • Message Development
  • Message Monitoring
  • Communication Coaching
  • Vertical Message Web sites
  • Internet Platform development
  • Endorsement development
  • Web-based messaging (advertising)

Value: Effective communications platforms increase the reach and retention of your internal and external messages. Effectively tell your story and communicate your company’s strengths and strategies. Further differentiate your brand from your competitors by giving life to your values and culture. Partner with Visible Strategies to increase the reach and measurability of your communication efforts.

Experience has proven that our unique Brand Message and PR website strategic plans enable clients to contribute to the growth of their company and its reputation in the global marketplace.

Plus, this communication platform adds value to your existing corporate site and investor relations communications web pages.