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Parenting Tips: Fun Facts About Texas, Florida, New York, and California.

Nine states provide over one half of the United States' entire population. Can you name all nine of them?. That somewhat trivial question from a friend, is what lead to this article. I wanted to know the answer. The quest for the answer took me on a magical US history tour.   Hop on board for a whislte stop tour of fascinating facts regarding four states that are home to the most 'folks."  Make learning fun by learning with your children.  Family learning is a great way to bond.

 Do you know? - What links California, Texas, New York and Florida? Yes, of course, all four of them are states in a rather famous union. However, so are 46 other states that are not listed. You’re going to have to think a little bit harder to get this one. What unites these four states uniquely?  

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Six Quick Steps For School and Homework Sucess

Following these six quick steps for school and homework organization can make this your child's most sucessful year yet and lower your morning stress. - Margaret Ross

Margaret Ross author parenting tipsIf your kids are like most, their backpacks, desks, lockers quickly become a disorganized mess of homework, flyaway papers, and permission slips. Getting organized helps children and parents to be less stressed. When children know where their work is and are able to find what they need, they don’t waste time and energy looking for misplaced papers and missing math books.  

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Raising A Reader, Help Your Child Learn To Love Books

Margaret Ross a parenting and education expert provides programs and solutions to create a positive learning and school environment from Kamaron Institute.

Parenting tips how to raise a child who love to read. Literacy is tied to your child’s success in school and life. It’s an undeniable fact; if you can read and can read well, you have a much better chance of finding a good job and having a satisfying personal life than you will if you struggle with reading. Children who learn to read early and well are much more likely to become adults who love to read and will continue to advance their literary skills. As a parent, you can help your child learn to love reading.

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Nine Steps To Set Goals & Reach Goals

9 Steps For Setting And Reaching Goals : For Children & Adults

Setting and reaching goals in school and business is critical for success.. Tips and Solutions from Margaret Ross, Kamaron InstituteParents can help their children have more success in life and in school, by investing the time to teach them how to set and reach goals. One day it might be the goal of earning a college scholarship; today the challenge might be being ready when the school bus comes.

Think of it as a time investment. Break the task process into baby steps. You are teaching your child the fundamentals as they accomplish a step by step process of skill building. Your tasks are to teach, be a role model, and reinforce each productive behavior step. If you positively reinforce each skill along the way you will enjoy the bonus of building your child’s self confidence. It can be simpler than you think.


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Cyber Bullying Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

Cyber-bullying incidents have quadrupled. Most students don't tell their parents.

by Margaret Ross

Cyber and Internet bullying has quadrupledApproximately half of U.S. students are impacted by bullying each school day. It happens on buses, in the cafeteria, gym, hallways, playground, and classroom. The most frequent form bullying takes is words (teasing, taunting, ridiculing, name-calling, and gossip) - not blows. This type of bullying happens in the "physical" world and that world has geographic limits. Cyber-bullying is making school days even more painful for many children. Bullying in cyberspace is not bound by school hours, school days, or facing the intended bully victim. Unfortunately, the anonymous nature of the internet often insulates the bully from the consequences of their damaging behavior.

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